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Areas of Practice



The Law Office of April C. Teveris, LLC is a firm engaged in the general practice of law.  In other words, Attorney Teveris practices in a variety of legal areas and does not limit her practice by design to specific matters.


The purpose of this section is to familiarize you with her practice, not to make you feel restricted in regards to contacting Attorney Teveris to discuss any matter of concern.  It is firm policy to be very candid with potential clients in regards to matters Attorney Teveris is not willing to handle, or where she believes other counsel would be of better service.  Attorney Teveris encourages you to feel comfortable calling her in regards to any legal matter and not to feel limited by the fact it is not mentioned herein.


Being located in a primarily residential community, most of the practice falls into the area that could be described as personal legal services for individuals.  These areas are real estate, estate planning, elder law, family matters, and probate.  Each of these practice areas is addressed separately under the appropriate heading.


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