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Estate Planning

Most people have ideas on how they wish their assets distributed upon the event of their death.  They also have thoughts on who they wish to handle the distribution of these assets, and who should care for any minor children or beloved pets left behind.   The creation of an estate plan affords peace of mind to individuals, allowing them to set down their wishes on these matters and creates a plan whereby these wishes can be carried out.   Estate planning gives you a voice at a time you otherwise would not have one.

There are different kinds of trusts, depending on exactly what the creator of the trust is attempting to achieve.  Examples of different trusts are a special needs trust, intended to provide for a disabled individual throughout his/her life, and a charitable remainder trust, a trust with a tax-exempt status due to a designated charity being named as a beneficiary.  The decision that a trust will benefit you and should be included in an estate plan is one that should be made only after consultation with an attorney.  Estate planning is not a “one size fits all” undertaking and approaching it as such can be costly and nonproductive.


A last will and testament is the most basic estate planning document, and in many cases sufficient to address the needs of

most individuals.  Sometimes, however, the monetary value of the assets and specific concerns regarding the individuals intended to ultimately receive them call for additional documents.  A  trust is a document which can address these more complex situations.

Last Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

Health Care  Advance Directive

Living Will

A living will, or advance directive, and a durable power of attorney are other documents which are usually part of comprehensive estate planning.  Unlike a will, these documents address foreseeable issues which may arise during life.

  Whether you are interested in creating an estate plan or wish to modify your current plan, the Law Office of April C. Teveris, LLC can assist you. 

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