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Probate Law



Probate is the term for the process by which a deceased person's affairs are finalized.  The settlement of outstanding debts and claims owed to others by the deceased (decedent) is an important function of probate.  The transferring of any remaining assets to the proper parties is also part of the probate process.


If an individual has prepared a last will and testament, it will be admitted to the probate court to ensure that the desires of the decedent are carried out.  If there is no will, the probate process distributes the assets of the decedent in accordance with the law designed for this purpose.


In addition to administering decedent’s estates, Connecticut probate courts also oversee trusts, construe the meaning of wills and trusts when questions arise in this regard, appoint conservators and guardians when necessary, grant name changes, adoptions, and terminate parental rights when it is in the best interest of a minor child.


Should you have a matter which appears to require probate court involvement, please call Attorney Teveris to discuss it further.


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